Appointments to Education Payroll Limited Board

Posted 15.06.2016 in Transport By Admin

Mr. Jack has been a director on the Board of Education Payroll since the company was established in 2014 to run the school’s payroll. He is currently the Chair of the Financial Markets Authority and is the former Chair of Deloitte New Zealand. He will be changing Dame Patsy Reddy in the Chair position as she will use up her new role as Governor-General in September 2016.

Mr. Jack has actually been an important member of the Board and a terrific assistance to the outbound Chair. He will bring his leadership experience and deep understanding of the company to his new position as Chair of the Education Payroll Ltd Board, states Mr. Joyce.

Sandi Beatie will sign up with the Board from 1 July 2016 for a term of three years. She served 4 years as Deputy State Services Commissioner and prior to that as Deputy Chief Executive at both the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Corrections.

Ms. Beatie’s extensive experience with IT tasks will add genuine value to the Board, Mr. Joyce states.

Marcel van den Assum will also join the Board from 1 July 2016 for a term of three years. Mr. van den Assum is an independent consultant to Inland Revenue and he is working as a director and contractor throughout a variety of IT related start-up companies. He formerly worked at Unisys in a services function and was CIO of Fonterra.

Mr. van den Assum’s knowledge of emerging technologies and IT architecture will enable him to make a substantial contribution to the Board, Mr. Joyce says.

The 2 brand-new consultations will bring valuable knowledge and experience, specifically in the IT sector. Together with the brand-new Chair, Mr. Jack, and current director Cathy Magiannisthe company now has a strong group of directors to provide a sustainable and stable payroll service that will continue to improve and establish. I invite Ms. Beatie and Mr. van den Assum to the Board and anticipate working carefully with them, Mr. Joyce says.

Mr. Joyce thanked the outbound Chair Dame Patsy Reddy for her service and wanted her all the best for her brand-new role as Governor-General.